Jan 20, 2012

Tree of Hope: The Birds

I really have the best stitching buddies, EVER!  I know that they are beyond compare because they put up with my dogged consternation over simple problems at time.  In this case, I was doing a lot of hand wringing over what colors the birds should be. 

Blue Bird? Cardinal? If Cardinal, should it be the bright red male and/or the gorgeous green/yellow female? Perhaps a Wood Pecker? Robin? Titmouse?

I just love birds.  Pretty much all birds.  No surprise there, right? 

Anyway, my really awesome stitching buddies were of different opinions and although I knew exactly how the shading of the tree or the trunk was worked, I just couldn't decide. 

So in the end I came up with a mixed solution.

First up is the Wee Blue Bird: 

 Followed by the Mr. Cardinal:

Topped off with Mr. Finch: 

I wish I could say that the exact position happened organically or because of a picture I took, rather, I pulled out the color wheel and said "Ok, blue to the right, red 1/3 of the way over, and yellow at the top".

During the stitching, I was updating to Facebook and began calling all the birdies "Wee" because they are actually quiet tiny.  Each bird received a eye worked with a Japanese Knot in black.  
One last note, I have discovered this really cool iPhone app called Instagram that you may enjoy.  Its really easy to pull a picture in and give it a neat look or frame. It links with Twitter and Facebook.  Really good stuff. 

Next up: Final challenges

Christa, LilyStitch


  1. The wee birds are lovely - well done!

  2. They are lovely, all three of them.

  3. Your tree is lovely, and the dear "Wee Birds" are so colorful.

  4. Oh I love the birds added to this, very nice.


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