Jan 16, 2012

Tree of Hope: Working the Trunk and Branches

When I first began this project, I was thinking I really should do round and round couching.  As I was working the leaves I realized I wanted something more realistic. So why not stretch the Pearl Purl and create a very bark like effect?  That way the brown shows through and you get all the sizzle of the Gold.
At first, it took a ton of nerve to treat the Pearl Purl so harshly.  With the first bit in, I was totally hooked and having a great time.
As more and more went in, it was fun to see the results…. almost like I was watching veins grow up the tree.

Bark completed:

Next up: The Wee Birdies

Christa, Lilystitch


  1. What a wonderful project! I look forward to seeing more on it's development.

    I once did a tree with raised elements (which you can see on my blog, stumpwork page) and it was rather an interesting project.=)

    Glad to have found you, I'm signing up to follow!

  2. Wonderful project!
    Happy new year!

  3. Wonderful project, I've just finished a tree also, but certainly not as delicate as this one. Mine is very chunky. Thank you for sharing, and it's great to see move of this work happening now.

  4. Very pretty, and I love the texture the pearl purl provides! Looking forward to surfing through your blog (I got here by way of Needlework News).

  5. What a great effect, Christa. I can see that it took nerve to treat your pearl purl that way but it paid off.

    (I like the font you are using for the blog but at the smaller size, I find the comments rather difficult to read)

  6. That's a great texture, and yes, a lot of fun to do. I remember being introduced to it on Tracy Franklin's Modern Goldwork course, and I really enjoyed tit!

  7. Thank you all for such wonderful comments and following along on the Tree of Life! I'm sorry about the font size in my comments section… I'm working to find where I can make it larger. Will adjust asap!


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