Jan 23, 2012

Tree of Hope: Oh NO!

 While working the GoldWork, I somehow dropped some beeswax onto the fabric.  OOPS!  EEEEKS!!

Last post, I mentioned how AWESOME my stitching buddies are.  Not only did they put up with my constant inquiries about the birds but they also let me first cry and then torment them about what to do about this little stain.  I've circled in red above.

So I learned an important lesson (that I had learned before but chose to not remember, selective memory!) to cover your fabric and work while working with beeswax with pre washed linen fabric or archival quality tissue paper to keep from marking up places that you really don't want to mark up.

I couldn't leave that mark exposed for a couple of reasons so I had to come up with a creative solution.  Of course it was in an awkward spot that threw the balance of the tree off that I worked really hard to achieve during the design process.  (Sorry, had to whine a bit)

My great friends came up with lots of creative solutions: a bird in flight, a bug, etc.  In the end I decided the best way to keep the design in balance and not too heavy was to add three leaves. The first leaf to cover the spot, the other two leaves to balance out the design.

Below you is the piece completed with the leaf to the right, one added floating to the bottom right, the last to the bottom right.  The design opportunity that came about is to off-set the tree, therefore making it more visually interesting.  At least, that is my hope…

I also added metallic #1 in the leaves to help the give some more "pop".



  1. Great catch, Christa. I think you turned this into a great way to position the tree in a more interesting manner. This is a lovely piece, by the way. I particularly love the tiny birds.

  2. Successful save! Honestly, if you hadn't told us about the additions, I doubt anyone could tell they weren't meant to be there from the beginning.

  3. Works brilliantly - well done!

  4. I agree with Alesia, if you hadn't told us, we wouldn't have known that that wasn't the original plan. It is a lovely piece. Quite beautiful.


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