May 3, 2011

New Lily Project: Nessie

Introducing LS's new project: Nessie.  She is named after the Wicked Witch in that Fabulous Book, "The Wizard of Oz", Nessarose Thropp.  Nessie for short.  Although Nessie has been named after that infamously bad witch, her story is very different.  So come along on this journey to explore some great Needle Art techniques as well as to learn about her life (There is a story behind those bags under her eyes).

Nessie is a gorgeous canvas by Leigh that we will have LOTS of fun with surface work, stitches, and fibers.     Just check out that gold tooth - doesn't it need to be worked in a sparkly gorgeous gold?

How about those flowers and the apple - I'm thinking perhaps some ribbon work and long & short appliqued on:

That fabulous hair!  Need something wire-y here!

And the moon… perhaps a fine thread that adds sparkle.

Oh!  The Possibilities!  I believe dreaming of all of the possibilities is really the MOST fun of a project, followed by the journey.  This canvas has such POSSIBILITIES!

Next up: starting Nessie.


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