May 11, 2011

Nessie - First Steps

Step One:

Get out your pencil and paper.  Let's talk about step number one.  OH!  The suspense!  The anticipation!  What do I do?  Wellllll…..

I walk over and lay my canvas down on the printer and make a 1:1 copy of the canvas.  On stretcher bars or off - doesn't matter.  My advice is to capture the artist's painted rendering for future reference, BEFORE the first stitch is ever put in.

Is this always the first step?  Well, that depends on how things "happen".  There are many times that I'm caught in the excitement of the canvas and choose to pick some fibers so one could say that is the first step.  Anyway, the important thing is to capture the canvas artist's work before you begin stitching over it for future reference.  The next post will give examples of this.

Post Schedule:
Friday -- First Stitches
Sunday -- The Story of Nessie

Christa, LilyStitch

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