Apr 25, 2011

THE Wedding

HRH Scissor Fob
Normally I'm not a big celebrity watcher but I just Love a good wedding.  I'm crazy about the pomp, circumstance, and all that wonderful symbolism.  As such, I just couldn't pass up the Windsor wedding without a LS homage: a royal scissor fob, complete with a reproductive ring.

The ring part was inspired by Gay Ann Rogers - you simply must go over and check out her fob and incredible wedding designs.  She has LOTS of really great canvases and the coolest amount of royal wedding information on her blog than anywhere else (there are no ties to GAR, I just think she is fabulous).  Check out the background as you move from page to page.

The canvas fob pictured here is a design of my own (as is the beaded fob).  Worked on white 18 ct. mono canvas using amethyst colored silk in chain stitch and whipped using Kreinik Japan Gold.

That's all the gushing I'll do on the wedding but I can promise you, I'll be up and watching Friday morning!!  Congratulations Will and Kate!

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