Dec 13, 2010

Some Dish: Needlepoint Work In Progress

My apologies for a late post!  Sometimes I think it's wiser to stop and consider before acting (for someone who likes to run before walking, that's really hard!).  You see, I'm in the middle of applying for enrollment in a national needlework educational program.  I've debated back and forth weather or not it's smart to share the journey but I've decided that it's time to dish.

Part of the application is to submit a finished design. I'm on a very short timeline so there is little room for much else...  due to my calendar I have to have it done before the end of December with submission in February.

If you remember to my post a week or so ago (link) I was debating about color.  After receiving some really great encouragement by you wonderful readers, I've decided to just let the vibrant colors come out in this project.  I should also note, that I will submit two other color ways so I expect those to be much more dub-dued.

Below is a photo journal of  the progress.  (I will be sharing a quarter of the work).

Christa Lilystitch and


  1. Congratulations on this exciting step! We are behind you, cheering, all the way.

  2. Thank you, Jane! Your support means a great deal to me. Christa


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