Dec 17, 2010

Holiday Gift List Ideas for the Stitcher's Significant Other

Dear Love,
Seeing as it is now 8 days before Christmas and there are no wrapped presents under the tree, I'm guessing you may be struggling with what to get me.  I understand how difficult it must be to know what to get someone who is needle art addicted (yes, there are help groups out there but I prefer to schedule my own retreats, ahem, therapy).  Therefore, I thought I'd write this little hint sheet to help you:

Go, actually r-u-n., to the Local Needlepoint Store - this is the place to begin.  Just go on over and have a nice little visit with these folks.  They can tell you what I've been dreaming about, what I'd love, and most importantly steer you away from that canvas that is better suited for Aunt Petunia's house than my living room.  Just tell them what your budget is and they'll give you lots of help, maybe even wrap it for you.  

If there isn't enough for time for the local needlepoint store, here's some other options:

Copper Tacks:  If its late on Christmas Eve, Lowe's often has little containers of them in the hardware section.

Corjac Tack Kit:

Needles:  Oh yes! A stitcher never will have enough.  One packet, one handful, a whole bag full... as much as your budget will allow.  The local craft store will have basic ones.  For needlepoint - size 22, 24, and 26 Tapestry are the favorites.  If you want to give better needles then consider giving Bohin or John James.  

Needle Threaders -- these can be found in any Five and Dime or grocery store. They're generally pretty inexpensive.  'Course, we stitchers love the color. Etsy has some wonderful shops full of them.  Check these out by TJBDesigns.

Scissors - A needlepointer can NEVER have enough scissors.  We like the 4" and smaller, pointy variety.  These come in a variety of price levels - from very inexpensive at a hobby store to the $100+.  Now, don't worry about if we have that exact pair or not.  Just pick up the pair you think we'll like.  We LOVE duplicates (they are a real life saver if we misplace the first pair) but appreciate a new pair along the way, too.  The standard is Gingher - any Gingher will do:
If you have time, search out eBay for "embroidery scissors", especially these snips.

Sajou offers some Very lovely scissors if you want to give a gorgeous, eye candy type of scissor:

Scissor Fob - just like scissors, we can't have enough of these.  There's lots of options for fobs.  These gorgeous ones are from Zecca
Check out on Etsy for other options - there are tons of Great fobs found there.  If it's Christmas Eve, check out Cracker Barrel - they usually have really nice, beaded bracelets with the eye clasp on the ends that could be used as a fob.

A scissor keeper would be really cool - especially if you are tired of pulling my little snips out of your bum (I am really sorry about constantly losing them in couch!)

One Inch Masking tape -- a stitcher needs this to tape off the ends of their canvas.  Another dime or hardware store purchase.

Tweezers - another useful tool.  Get the pointy ones - this is perfect for the Frog Stitch (you know, Rip it! Rip it!)  Stop by your favorite grocery or convenience store for a decent pair. My favorite are these by Tweezerman (Link for Amazon but Bed, Bath, and Beyond carries them in the store)

Laying Tool -- these fall in the same category as scissors - one can never have enough.  Check out these really reasonably priced Best Laying Tool (Shay Pendray Tool) with a gorgeous Acrylic casing by JRCrafter.
Nordic Needle has a good selection of tools.  Wood is a nice way to go, too so check out WoodElements

Marking or Counting Pins -- These are wonderful little tools for marking ones place when working an intricate stitch or even a pattern.  A box of glass head pins from the local craft store are much appreciated.  If there is time, think about these little beauties from Vickie Clayton at Hand Dyed Threads.  A simple search on Etsy will turn up lots of possibilities. Check out these gorgeous ones by TJBDesigns.

A Thread Basket -- to the stitcher, there is nothing better than a gift of fibers.  Go to your local needlepoint or craft store (often, a 5 and Dime will have DMC floss) and envision the colors you see your stitcher wear or the colors in their living room.  Fill a basket full of those colors and give them to me - don't get hung up on type, just chose what you think I'll like.  Then have a great time when the gift is opened telling me why you chose them.  (Visions of an intimate settings in front of a warm fire spring to mind)
Frame Stand -- budget no problem?  Then think about getting me one of these.  Warning!  You need some time if you are ordering them!
   K's Creation Stainless Steel

   Lowery English Frame
   Needlework System 4

No time to get out or order a little something?  How about giving me a few days or a week at a resort or spa?  Make sure to include all the meals, perhaps a massage a day, and maybe include a stitchy friend to go along?  The gift of time without the pressures of having to do all that other is p-r-i-c-e-l-e-s-s!  You may come along only if you promise to go away every day (to golf or whatever) and show up to clear the dishes and compliment the stitching. 

Finally, I'd like to say that whatever you chose for me will be wonderful and very appreciated.  The stitching goodies will be remembered and meditated upon as I use them along my stitching journey but nothing will be as dear to me as our time together over the holidays. 

Christa, Lilystitch and

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  1. That's great,just beautiful. I may need to copy this for my family. They say they don't ever know what to get me. I keep telling them needlework supplies.

    Merry Christmas


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