Nov 1, 2010

Hi!  Mom is REALLY, REALLY busy today.  She gave me the biggest evil eye when I mentioned the blog post was due so I thought I'd pick up the slack for her.  (I'm talking Halloween type of eye - scary!)  Apparently, her clicky thing she calls a 'Puter is really out of sorts because she's over in the corner just mumbling things a lady shouldn't say.

The girl worked really hard this weekend on the Studio/Office. Here's how it looked on Friday night:

Momma painted up a storm.  I'm talking a BIG storm.  So big that she managed to dump over a gallon of paint that went everywhere including my paw:

Jeez!  And she was afraid that I'd do something dumb like dip my tail into the paint or lean up against a newly painted wall.  Now who looks the fool?  Anyways....

Momma did work really, really hard on this little project.  The women was still in her painting duds with paint all over face and self last night when the cute little Trick or Treaters came by.  She did manage to finish the painting job and now she's on to set up her studio.  I really like the butter yellow.  Wouldn't my doggie bed be great on that window seat so I could look out at the squirrels and birds?

Did the women stitch this weekend?  Well, just a bit on Saturday night when we cuddled in bed to watch that dreamy Mr. DiCaprio on the boat that sinks.  Here's a sliver of a sneak peak for you to enjoy on the tiny gauze:

Christa Lilystitch, and

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