Oct 29, 2010

Making Progress

Much has been going on at Lily-ville, here's an update (at least, as much of an update as I can give ;) )

First - The Cahaba Lily Needlepointers Chapter of ANG, my local guild.  As I've written earlier, this year I have the honor of serving as VP and Chairman of Programs.  Weeelllllll..... I've decided that the real title should be
VP of FUN,
 'cause 2011 is gonna be a whole lot of fun!  We're going to try 12 months of stitches, tackle our stashes (ahem!), bring in a wonderful teacher in February, do Count of Needlemania by JZCasey, and the list goes on.  Check out our Facebook page or the Cahaba Lily Needlepointers website for more information (I'm also serving as web mistress).

LilyStitch - hold on to your hats. Many changes are coming, many that it is too early to write about.  You'll see changes in the website and blog coming rapidly over the next 30 - 60 days.

Work in Hand - I always have to have at least one WIP that I'm tackling.  I know, I know... Cocoa has definitely expressed her frustration that I haven't finished, pasted, and framed the Compass but I promise to get there soon. Here is a sneak preview of a kind of commission piece for a little bit of eye candy.  48 count Silk Gauze using Silk Fibers.  I hope to show a full picture plus the back story soon:

Ok, now I'm off to paint the stitching studio/sanctuary.  *Hint, Hint!*  Hopefully, Coca will keep her tail out of that beautiful butter yellow that is going up.


Mom, I heard that! 

Christa, Lilystitch
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