Oct 1, 2010

Lily Compass I Gold Work, Small Center Point Outline

Slight change in plans today - in updating these posts I realized I was leaving out one step... outlining of the center points.  Sorry about that!  Monday I will continue with the to and fro Gold Work on the large points.

Today: Outlining the small points:

For colorful primary points I used couched a pair of #4 Gold with gold couching thread.  Each point is worked separately by ending #4 and bringing the ends to the back.  Make sure those points are "pointy".  I worked all four then flipped the frame to tie down the ends so that they would not be a nuisance going forward.

For the four smaller gold points, use a pair of #3 Gold then tie down the ends on the back.  I've chosen the two different sizes to give the design a bit of depth.  Both the primary and secondary points could be worked in the same size if you prefer (or your stash has one or the other).

Coming Up:
Monday: Lily Compass I Gold Work, Accents on Outer Points
Friday: Lily Compass I Gold Work, Outlines

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