Oct 2, 2010

Happy Autumn!

Momma and I went to that place with lots of flowers and smells this morning.  I like the new fleurs and tasty orange thingies on my front stoop.  Grandma Lily gave us that crazy Rooster even tho I told her Momma has plenty scattered around already (they are both wacko about Roosters - I'll show you the stitched Rooster collection once we unearth them after the dreamed-about move). 

All the really nice helpers thought it was really cool that I carried out Momma's commands until I found a really big, crunchy pine cone to chew on.  A girl just has to have her indulgences, you know!  

Hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as we are!  (Momma is up in the Stitching Sanctuary doing Goldwork and watching that lovely Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy).  

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  1. I like the rooster! And your compass is gorgeous! Glad you are enjoying your new home.


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