Oct 4, 2010

Lily Compass I Embroidery, Gold-work on Outer Points

Ahhhhhhh...... Gold Work!  Or as we call it in Japanese Embroidery - Couching non-stitchable thread.  To me, nothing sets off a design than adding nice layer of metallic to add spark.

To begin the process I did add another temporary twisted (4:1 tw) cord right down the middle to leave room for an outline thread of some sort.  This will be removed in the next and final step of the stitching.

On the prominent, large spikes I am adding #4 Gold couched in pairs.  The peaks are stitched using the couched corner method.  Very Sharp angle here so I am very careful to keep that corner as pointy as possible while keeping the straight lines.  I've chosen to work the triangles in the "To and Fro" method instead of working in a clock-wise, circular method to keep the visual "pointy-ness".  That means that the base of the triangle's corners use the "To and Fro" approach.  Here's an up-close (click on the picture to drill in closer).

To preserve my earlier stitching I have cut out a thin piece of film that has a triangle cut out in the center that I am laying over the design.  This will keep the Koma from snagging on that flat silk.  This is great stuff that one can find at your local fabric store for around $.75 yard.  I also use this film as a cover over the silk tubes.  

Unfortunately, life did get in the way of my plans this weekend with house showings and upkeep (along with career, etc) so I was only able to do a bit of stitching.  Two out of the four triangles are complete.  

My goal is to do a Goldwork update on Friday and dig into the outlines this next weekend.  

I'm tossing around some ideas for the outline like... should I twist two #5 gold and couch, would a Katayori with a #4/5 gold and silk be nice.  Do you have any ideas?  

Also, should I superimpose a design on top of the twisted gold large points? I'm thinking not but am open to your recommendations.  

Please leave me a comment.

Coming Up:
Friday: Lily Compass I Gold Work Update
Monday: Lily Compass I Embroidery, Outlines

Christa, Lilystitch
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  1. Hi Christa. I've been away for a week so am playing catch up with the blogs. I think you know that I am a big fan of goldwork. Nice job keeping those points pointy.

    I wouldn't superimposed anything onto the gold, I think it gives the right balance to the special effects you've used.

  2. Thanks! I really appreciate your commends about not superimposing over the gold silk - I'm taking your advise. Think it will just get too heavy.


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