Oct 8, 2010

Lily Compass I Embroidery, Gold-work Update

Almost finished with the points.  Lots of fun.

Three points done, one more to go.  Have begun the fourth and should finish these pretty quickly.  Then onto the outline.

I know, I know... updates are not especially all that fun for the reader but if you are like me, you love the eye candy (ie Photos).  Seems like there is just not enough examples of Japanese Embroidery or fine Contemporary Embroidery to draw from.  I collect books, search the web, etc and am always wishing that more folks would share their work.  For that reason, I am putting mine out for you to enjoy.

Seems like one of the reasons (other than a manic work schedule) that I am not quick to finish is that I have LOVED this project and sad to see it finish.  I just enjoy the journey so much.

On the bright side, I've already begun thinking of my next projects as well as returning to WIP Phase Pieces: Sake Boxes and Cords (also have Bouquet for EGA to consider).  My attention in the near future will most likely be two-fold: Sake Boxes since the color theme is fall (Guess what time of year it is). The second is to design and stitch the President's pin for our new, local ANG Pres who is doing a great job already.  I've not forgotten about Garden but taking a bit of a break right now.

Coming Up:
Monday: Lily Compass I Embroidery, Outlines

Christa, Lilystitch
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  1. Looking good, Christa. I know what you mean about not wanting to finish something that you have enjoyed working on.


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