Sep 27, 2010

LilyCompass I: Embroidery - Center Crescents

It's always a good day when I get to use Katayori.  For LilyCompassI, I made 6:1 Katayori using all four of the secondary colors, plus #1 metallic (#1 Lt Metallic Rainbow Gold, Red, and Purple).   The gold crescents are the same 6:1 Katayori using Midori 5612 with #1 metallic.  Please Uguisu Reflects on Ume's post to read a little more on Katayori.

Instead of leaving the Katayori on the chop sticks, I place them on a Graham Koma with a half hitch and wind them on.  This gives the stitcher tons more control on the tension as well as placement.

Then begin couching.  As with the inner points, I have also placed the lighter colors directly across from the larger points:

At some point between laying in the light blue and purple I must have slipped into stitching nirvana as I seem to have forgotten about taking pictures.  Sorry about that.  Good news is that I did recover in time to take a picture with all four complete:

With the dark gold in place:

Coming Up:
Friday: Lily Compass I Embroidery, Gold-work on Outer Points
Monday: Lily Compass I Embroidery, Outlines

Christa, Lilystitch and


  1. This is looking very nice. Am enjoying seeing it grow. Off to make some of my own katayori today for my white blossoms.
    PS at JE class for a week - hooray

  2. Oh Jane! Have a great time with JE class. I'm jealous.


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