Sep 26, 2010

Sunday Cup of Joe: Plays with Needles

Hi! Been a while.  Momma left me for a busyiness trip.  At least, that's what she told told me but I suspect there is something else going on.  SNIF!  I saw the hiking boots come out - you know, the ones that are put on when we go to Grandma's house or tramping through the woods on a glorious day.  Hmmmm... she did take the computer.  (No worries!  She loaded the next LilyCompass post to go out as normal tomorrow)

Anyways.  It's raining so I plan to cuddle up and sleep the day away while poppa watches more fooball:

To the point of why I am writing all of you.  While surfing on Dad's Mac this morning, I saw that Ms. Susan over at Plays with Needles wrote a great post that I thought you would enjoy on her class with Jane Nichols.  You've gotta just run right over there and check it out.  The pictures are amazing.  Momma received Jane's latest book a couple of weeks ago and I'm hoping she'll do a collar with bugs all over it for me soon.  I'm sure Momma gets back soon so I can put that request in.  Maybe if I chew up another of her charts she'll get right onto it. (That Garden Sampler Chart picture was really tasty.  At least I left the chart... what does she need the picture for anyway?  She's changed all the colors.)

See 'ya later!
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