Oct 18, 2010


Happy Monday, EVERYONE!
It's me, Cocoa.
That's Jack, my nephew.
We're at Grandma and Grandpa's house this week.
Momma is on 'nother of her busyness trips
So we're having lots of fun in the woods.
Will you throw the ball for me?

Check out all of these really tasty acorns that are falling:

I helped Momma collect a bazillion of them
 over the weekend.
Actually, I was munching on them
 and she was collecting:

Momma is thinking about using them to do some sort of dying process
With threads or fabric.
It's not quiet clear but aparantly I don't get to eat them
(especially after I woke up w/ an upset tummy last night)
Grandma is going to freeze them for us until we go home to get the bugs out.

Momma drove up through the Nantahala Gorge on Sunday.
She said the colors were just lovely. 
That crazy lady just went on and on about the tapestry she's going to do one day
of the landscapes from the Blue Ridge Mountains....

Yah, Yah!
I just want her to finish that Compass!

She'll be back on Friday with an update on that.

Christa, Lilystitch

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