Oct 22, 2010


Just in late last night from a full seven day trip.  It's great to be home.  It's even better to be home adorned with two new pretties from LilyMomma.  My mother is an AVID cross stitcher and knitter. She spent last spring doing the gorgeous rooster for me:

Aren't I the lucky girl?  I have a thing for Roosters and this is the fourth one she has completed for me.  Unfortunately the other three are currently wrapped up otherwise I would share them with you.

The colors of this rooster are fabulous.  I know she went almost blind stitching it but this guy really makes a statement. (even the white is stitched!).  Check out the colors in the tail:

Momma also finished this really sweet sampler that I will frame that I thought you'd enjoy.  Just love the fuzzy lamb. The red in the outside borders are beads:

Update on Compass - right where I was when I last posted.  Unfortunately the JE frame is difficult to pack along with a week's worth of business clothes, two dogs, and lots of laundry (story for another day).  My goal this weekend is to finish then intro the next project on LilyStitch. Picture from this morning:

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