Oct 15, 2010

LilyCompass I: Gold Work

Couching the outlines continues rather slowly.  Been a really hectic work week so I've only had a very little bit of time to work on Compass.  As of this morning I have just the two smaller points on the bottom to do and I think I'm going to rework the first larger point (more on that in a moment).

I've found the BEST way to sink the ends of this large gold thread is with a size 16 or 18 chenille needle.  Took me snapping the twisted thread on my sinking needle twice before I went in search of a much bigger needle to use.  Works like a dream, be it a careful dream....

The "gold", which I am sure is imitation gold, is quite soft on this thread.  Also, the core is definitely six strands of cotton so it tends to unwind and not want to go back.  I am having to be very careful with it. One gets what you pay for!  So when I sink or turn the corners I'm having to be very careful not to unwind the metal from the cotton.  Even using the rewinding trick with Koma to retighten the twist doesn't help.  If it comes apart, start over.

Hence, this is the reason why I think I'm going to rework the outline on the first point.  Thankfully the camera is not picking up the yellow thread showing thru but its enough to bother me so I'll redo :)

Hope everyone is going to have a great weekend!  We're going to enjoy the Fall Festivals and Apples.  LOVE this time of year!

Christa Lilystitch
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