Sep 13, 2010

LilyCompass I: Embroidery - Secondary Points, Lattice Holding

LilyCompassI: Embroidery Secondary colors
Lattice Holding Technique

Foundations (it is correct to put your foundation then holding, then move onto the next foundation. As you can see, I chose to work the foundations but made sure to be careful of them until the holding went in :) ):
1 Flat Midori #67

1 Flat Midori #99

1 Flat Midori 5510

1 Flat Midori 51

Now the Lattice Holding:  Using a couching thread, lay in two guidelines intersecting each other.  Notice that I have laid one adjacent to the center line.  The other at a 90 degree angle.  Utilize the guidelines for all four secondary points.  

Lay in standard #1 Gold intersecting the intersection (45 degrees or halfway between the +).  Lay #1 gold at 3 mm intervals. 

Work in the next "layer" of #1 Gold perpendicular to the first row 3mm apart.  Then couch down the intersections using the #1 Gold.  Watch the length of the couching threads.  Too short and they will separate the foundation layer.  Too long and you will see the couching stitch.

Continue to the other three points.  Waaa-laaa!

Friday: LilyCompassI Embroidery, Designing and Correcting the center.

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