Sep 10, 2010

LilyCompass I: Embroidery - Sapphire Part 2

Today we continue our journey with LilyCompass I - Thank you for your patience!

...let's get started!

LilyCompassI: Embroidery Sapphire
Novel Effect: Diamond Facets Pattern

With your foundation of flat silk in, lay in twisted #1 Metallic: Light Metallic Rainbow Gold, Red, Purple as in instructed in the Ruby point.

Tie down the intersections using one #1 Metallic.

Now for some more real fun: putting in the Diamond Pattern.  I've worked the design using 2:1 Twist with the Midori #167 and #1 Metallic: Light Metallic Rainbow Gold, Red, Purple.

Remember to work the design top to bottom, right to left (I've only diagramed one pattern right in the middle).  Come up at 1 and down at 2 both at the halfway point. Then come up right in the middle at 3 and down at the intersection of 4.

Compensate in the partial diagonals.

Waaaaa-laa!  Wasn't that FUN!?!

Arial View:

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Friday: LilyCompassI Embroidery - Designing the Center

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  1. The wind rose! How much patience but well done! Hello Carla


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