Apr 19, 2010

Monday Update #1: Uguisu Reflects on Ume

There has not been much time for stitching in the last few weeks but I have been able to carve a little bit to dedicate to URU as well as the Goldwork Glove Class (update to follow this evening).

Above is the a photo taken just this morning which shows the full piece including the newly completed cording.  I've debated and debated on weather or not to extend these cords but in the end chosen to leave them shorter for a breezy look which will draw the eye across the fabric.  I do intend to add a few, not many but a few, petals that will also add to the motion of the design.  Thank goodness for some great online tutorials and books on composition.  This challenge piece has taught me many, many things but perhaps one of the most lasting will be in constructing interesting composition.  I'm not sure I have it absolutely right but I feel good about it at this point.

My other accomplishment this weekend was to give Mr. Hugo some toes.  I'm a little disappointed that they do not stand out better and was going to change the color so they would pop but them my sweet husband walked into the room while I was debating and pointed out that birds are intended to blend in with their surroundings. Changing the legs and toes would actually not be consistent with nature (and the inspiration photo).  So I was persuaded that they will stay as is.  Here's a close up:

Onto the bark on the tree and a few more petals in the days ahead.  My brother is participating in the Cohutta 10 bike race this weekend which I'll be cheering him on plus there is a GREAT crafts festival in Blue Ridge that I'm destined to see my "wood" man (hoping to get more Koma).  So... I'm not sure that there will be an update after Thursday nor much stitching to report.  I will post an update to the Goldwork Glove class I've been participating tonight (I've finished the silk-work!).

Have a great week and enjoy the stitching!

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