Apr 19, 2010

Floral Needlework Glove (WIP Update #2)

Thistle Threads is offering several really great classes via the internet and I've signed up for two - the Floral Glove and the Goldwork Master Class.  Just couldn't resist them...  Last fall when I decided to take the classes I knew they would be a huge part of my 2010 stitching budget so I HAD to follow through and complete them.

So far this has been a complete JOY to work.  Those of you who have been visiting with me on LilyStitch may have read that I'm right in the middle of a kitchen renovation, new job, lots of little personal "fire-sale" situations, plus more.  Same with everyone right? Perhaps now is not the best time to take on yet another couple of projects but this is one that I just couldn't pass up and am very glad that I did not.  Below is a picture of the original kit.

Thistle Threads has done a wonderful job with the threads and materials in this kit.  Soie de Paris has been wonderful to work with.  It just glides through the fabric.  The instructions have been really clear and easy to read.  I've found that after a busy day of staring at a computer screen or sanding cabinets this is a great little project to work on.  And this is a SMALL project.  To give you perspective, here is a picture that I've included two needles, the one of the right is 1" so these little flowers are less than 1" in diameter.  No complaints here - it's great to have a fun and quick piece to stitch.
The instructions arrive monthly via an emailed link to their website where one can print them if you choose.  I've chose as I try to escape my computer in the evenings.

I'm excited to move onto the Goldwork next however I think that this evening I may work on my test fabric to figure out how to stitch the petals in the breeze on URU.  HMMMmmmm.... tough choice as I so LOVE the GW.  I've never shared my WIP Tanja Berlin goldwork sampler but perhaps I'll pull it off the wall and take a pick to add it to my rotation (btw, the link takes you to her free instruction booklet which is FABULOUS!).  Boy, wouldn't a class from her be great?  I digress...

Anyway.  Although this piece is designed to be a "glove" that is actually a needlecase which I am thinking that the end result will not be a glove.  Do I re-engineer everything?  Isn't it fun to embellish what you are given?  Not sure yet what I will make this gorgeous little gem into but will worry about it down the road.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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  1. Hi Christa

    I have also signed up for both of these classes. At first I only signed up for the GW but then I heard that some people had dropped out of the Floral Glove class so signed and could not resist signing up. Because I was a late addition my kit only arrived a week ago. I've been reading all of the history in the mean time. Not sure when I will get started on the stitching. Soon I hope.

  2. Hey Carole-Anne! I'm so glad you are taking these classes. I think you are going to enjoy them. I've not yet tackled the history as I seem to be short on brain power but how to get there soon. Look forward to hearing about your progress!


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