Apr 18, 2010

Oh, Sake Boxes!

Dear Sake Boxes,

Please do not fret!  I've not forgotten about you. The separation we've felt is due to a much needed break from working your Chrysanthemums!  When I return, I'm going to be more than ready to conquer all those petals.

As of late, I've really missed you.  You see, I've been reminiscing on how much fun we had in Illinois with Shay picking out all those fabulous, rich fall colors.  There are so many great stitch techniques and fun angles that I'm quiet enamored with you.

There is much to do on you yet so it I must return very soon.  This is our year!!  I'm almost finished with that Spring inspired URU piece.  The need to get back with you is great....

What's that?

Yes, I do have another class scheduled for Memorial Day weekend but I promise to not get side tracked by yet another design.  You see, I need to complete you then move onto the next phase piece!  Sake, you are one of many steps in my Nuido journey but perhaps the most fun because there is so much silk and goldwork to you.  When I return I will focus on the chrysanthemums then move onto my favorite of techniques - Goldwork.  We'll spend many pleasant hours together so very soon!

(Latest picture taken January 2010.  Pictures added to my WIP picture roll on main blog page, right hand side.)

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