Mar 17, 2010


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Woooossshhh!! That's the soud of my plane taking off... More on traveling

Hello from the Newark airport.  Next flight to take off in a little while so what better time to complete yesterday's post and update everyone on my little Hardanger/Cross Stitch travel piece?

From Travel Blog Post
My last bit of advice for those of use who "stravel" (stitch/travel - my new word!) is to use one of these little plastic envelops.  They are really cheap and will hold quiete a bit.  In fact, when I work on those realy cute Simply Christmas Santa Clauses I will take along a whole bunch of fibers and pack one the envelope full.  They have a sliding zipper at the top which will lock in all of your embellishments, fibers, and what-nots plus there is an outer pocket for any type of chart or how-to's.  They can be found at most local craft stores like Hobby Lobby which is great because the coupons they offer can take the cost down to almost nothing.

"Welcome" Update:
Been working hard on Cross 'n Patches' "Welcome" but its is slow going as doing the woven bars does take a little while.  I just love how relaxing workng with the pearle cotton on linen is during those moments in the air when my computer battery is used up and a book just won't do.  Just plug in that iPod, listen to a little bit of Adagios, let the mind go, and begin needle weaving.  Enjoy the pictures (which were taken before last two days of flight)

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From Travel Blog Post

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