Mar 22, 2010

WIP Updates: URU, Glove, Twisted, and Petite Fleur

Holy wow!  Spring has brought lots of personal and professional changes.  Won't bore you with the details but I do want to post some updates on the current work in progress rotation that I am working on.  First up is "Uguisu reflects on Ume".  Mr. Uguisu is complete, well almost... need to stitch in the legs but his body has emerged.  I'm concentrating on the last of the Ume for the time being as it has become almost mindless to stitch in the long and short stitches.  I'll get the legs in next because they have to be done before I can put in the limb upon which he is perched.    Three more ume to go plus some petals swirling in the breeze.

Petite Fleur is almost complete, missing just a few beads plus the finishing.  I'm going to make her into a hanging ornament so that it may displayed year round.   This is also going to be a class piece for folks who want to experience working on silk gauze.  Deadline looms with an early April local ANG class.

Twisted - My version of "Twister" is getting a sliver here and sliver there put in.  Right now the golds:

Finally, Glove.  This is my go to piece when I'm tired after a day of work.  I'm loving the Soie silk that we're working these in.  I am finding the linen a bit of a challenge to get my stitches in where exactly where I want them to be.  Perhaps this is because I'm tired when working or it is a looser ground fabric than I'm used to or it is just a looser linen...  There has been some discussion on using a backing fabric but our instructor has written us to say that the linen is strong enough to support the stitching.  Anyway, this picture is a week old so more has been worked.  Updated pictures to come.  Can't wait for the Goldwork to begin!

Have a great week!

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