Mar 16, 2010

Notes from a travelor...

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As I'm spending some time on the road these days I thought I'd share a couple of things that I deem absolutly essential for those of us who have to carry on a rolling bag along with a computer, portfolio, plus stitching items.

First up is the type of bag.  Namaste puts out a great, big bag with tons of pockets that will fit only a computer and portfolio but also a pretty large scroll frame or needelpoint canvas on 14x14 frame or most middle to small works plus thread case.  Here is a link to my local needlepoint store which carries them.
From Travel Blog Post

This small needle and scissor case is just the perfect size to carry a small pair of scissors plus packets and loose needles.  Don't forget your needle threader for tricky little threading situations.  Scissor rules: nothing over 4" will be allowed in an airport.  Definitely do not take a pair of heirloom or expensive scissors.  I picked up this little, sharp pair for less than $10 and will not be completely devestated if they are ever lost.
From Travel Blog Post
Ohhhhh....  they are boarding my plane.  More to come!

(11:43 pm EST corrections made and links updated - oh, the difficulties of a travelor! :) )

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  1. Happy trails, as they say.

    Someone has made a photo album of all the Japanese Embroidery pieces on display at Woodlawn Plantation. Hope you enjoy browsing this while you wait for a plane.


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