Sep 4, 2012

"Warts and All"...

With blogging, one has the option to cover up your mistakes however I think there is an honestly and ability to help others if I show my mistakes from time to time (biting knuckles moment).

So the other night, I'm happily working away on Inspire and thinking about next steps and design elements when I realize that I've totally jumped the gun by beginning work on the padding.  I was to the s when I said to self: "now how are you going to outline with pearl purl correctly with all that padding on?  It's going to be awfully hard to get nice, clean outlines….  DOW!"

It was a that point I went to bed.

Next evening, I decided not to take out the all of the padding, just the top layer on the "i" (I'm putting int two layers - the letters are too small to do more and I'd rather do the felt rather than cording).

As a good little Outliner, I am working the letters that I envision on the top then outlining the parts in the background so I begin with the "e"(also be as far away from my dirty awful as possible ;)

Christa, Lilystitch

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  1. It's exasperating when this happens, but you won't make the same mistake twice!


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