Aug 28, 2012



Lately, I've just been so challenged by my new job that I come home too tired to stitch or anything  (including Blog!).   All of my projects seem to have lots that I have to think about in order to stitch  on them which is the last thing I want to do when exhausted but yet too stimulated to sleep.

One of my many blessing is that I work with really eager, talented folks who want to make a difference.       I find inspiration in them as I work to inspire them… so I got to thinking about that word and how I could incorporate it into something I could actually stitch when I'm too tired to think but awake enough to ply needle and thread.

So it came to me - why not make the word a work of Needle Art?  It would be perfect for my desk…

So here it is: "Inspire".  It will be a piece of English Goldwork worked on Silk Fabric.



  1. I look forward to seeing which threads and stitches inspire you.

  2. Welcome back to blogland. Looking forward to being INSPIRED!!!


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