Oct 3, 2011

Gold Threads & MR Fleur: Wire Check vs. Bright Check

My sweet SIL came by the other day and asked about Fleur.  I've kept him hidden so that I can focus on other projects with deadlines looming but… Fleur has a way of making an ENTRANCE and staying the center of attention.  So! So I just had to do a little bit of stitching on him.

Above is the most current picture.  I pulled out that gorgeous Wire Check Purl and worked the right side of the central petal.  Have begun to work the right petal, too.  That is what the thread work on the right is showing.  

Thought you would enjoy seeing the difference between Bright Check Purl and Wire Check Purl
Michele talked a bunch in class about the how to use the combination of these two beautiful gold threads to make a nice contrast between them:

The sparkle gold thread produces just can't be duplicated: 

Christa,Lilystitch www.lilystitch.com


  1. It's looking gorgeous, and the contrast between the two types of purl is just right!

  2. So striking! Your work is beautiful!


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