Oct 2, 2011

Cocoa Helping with Inspiration...

Cocoa from N Ga 10.3.11
Hi Everyone!

I'm in North Georgia with Momma getting inspiration this weekend.  Thought she needed a break from all that shiny Goldwork.  As you can see, the colors have just barely begun to change.  Give it a few more weeks and it will be splendid.

We spent the day a the coolest Festival - The John C. Campbell Folk School Festival.  There was lots of demonstrations from the instructors and tons of the gorgeous artwork and supplies.

Here is her BIG purchase - a 2.5 lb brick o Beeswax.  She also bought a small cake but was SO impressed by it, she just had to buy it for the waxing of thread.

Momma had such a good time seeing Graham (her wood worker who makes those great Koma's) and lots of other experts.  She was so excited that she forgot about the camera and didn't snap any pictures.

Onto the inspiration part - Momma always likes to take me on a walk when visiting Grandma in the woods.  The first picture is of me on the south road, just above this really great creek that I often swim in.  Momma likes to oogle over trees and leaves but lately it's been really bad… I'm starting to worry that we need to scale back on the walks, hikes, and jogging but then when would I get to chase squirrels?   The lady keeps muttering about needing inspiration for her latest creation (I've seen the line drawing and it does look neat).  All the time she is stopping and pointing that camera at trunks, trees, and stuff.  She spent about 20 minutes taking the same picture of these Maple leaves today.  The other day, I found her in the middle of her green and brown Silk Threads.  Something BIG is coming…

Anyway, later this week she has two postings on gold thread and promises to get back to MR's Fleur.

Hope you had the best of weeks!
xo and many licks! Cocoa

Christa,Lilystitch www.lilystitch.com


  1. Hi Christa, it sounds like you spent a lovely time in North georgia with your Momma and Cocoa.
    I am just impressed by your big beeswax : I have never seen such a big one before today!
    All your pictures are really beautiful and the Fall will give soon wonderful color to these Marple leaves.
    I wish you a nice week,Isabelle

  2. Cocoa, I just got a beeswax that you might like to pretend to chase, but you might not enjoy eating it very much!
    It's in the shape of a hedgehog - only about an inch long. It's so sweet! A pity to notch it up as I wax threads, actually. Lucky it isn't a squirrel!

    And leaves are very cool, and really valuable to study, even if you'd rather just jump in them and chase them.


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