Jul 22, 2011

Relocating and MR Fleur Update

You know that you have arrived in the BIG Peach (ATL) when you walk into Tuesday Morning and its the size of a small Walmart.  Really, it was so HUGE that was almost overwhelmed.  Almost but not completely as I walked out of there with a new down simulated pillow and tea pot.  I highly recommend the down simulated as it stayed nice and fluffy all night.  Why a pillow? Well, see… it was mistakenly packed into storage. But I digress!

Although the needle and thread have just been found last evening so there hasn't been any pulling going on (get it? needle pulling thread…tehe!) as I try to find just the perfect new short term spot for the LilyPad, I did happen across a MR Fleur picture that I failed to update you on during this whole tornado of a life transition….

The central line went in sometime a week or so ago.  That pearl purle outline is not very straight but hopefully when I put in the filling check one wont see it.  This project is lots of fun and best yet, it made its way onto my stand for some stitching here and there while I house search.

Have a great weekend and hopefully I will emerge triumphant Monday with a new pad to go to.

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  1. Ah - now I see why you put the central line in as a single pearl purl line, curved at the top, rather than two seperate lines - for the filling! Gives it a nicer "top point".


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