Jul 17, 2011

The Journey Continues

Ahhhhh….. life.  One never knows what tomorrow brings.

A year ago, we had thought we had sold our little lilypad only to have it fall through.  12 full months go by so we thought that it was time to pull the "For Sale" sign down.  Suddenly, we found ourselves in the exciting position of having enthusiastic buyers.

We've spent the last couple of days packing and moving.  I packed but didn't move a year ago so I can't believe how much more needlework "stuff" has been collected.  Good news is that this has inspired several useful posts that I will share as soon as we land in our temporary quarters.

Taking on this journey means that I am now on the path to crafting a more balanced routine so that I can devote more time to LilyStitch.  Our new LilyPad will have less maintenance (ie no yard to maintain, etc) and free up some much needed time that I can devote to not just the journey of but also the education and sharing of Needle Art.  I'm just beginning to think on and write out my new goals for LilyStitch and I will share those as they come to life.

The new pad also means a new studio.  Can't wait!  One of my favorite type of posts are ones where studios,  nooks, and nests are shared.  Definitely be on the look out for the new creative space.

Ongoing projects: Nessie has had to take a breather but she'll be back soon, most likely mid-August if not before.  MR Fleur is such a wonderfully nice project to work on with all of this going on so I will push on until completion.  Japanese Embroidery: I've been quietly working on Sake Boxes and have actually completed two chrysanthemums and a couples leaves.  To the right is a picture from about two weeks ago so more has been completed since then.

During our search for the new LilyPad, we will be staying with brother and SIL who are expecting their first.  I have a special piece in mind for new nephew that needs a quick turn around.  This will be a good blog project that I will share, too.

There are also a few in-completes that I want to return to in my WIP roll, or maybe not.  This will depend on the choices made on the future… now that the future is here.  YEAH!

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  1. Congratulations on selling the house. I hope you find a new lilypad to call your own soon.

    The Chrysanthemums look fab.


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