Jul 8, 2011

Michele Roberts Class

Oh WOW!  I mean… OH WOW!  Just when I think that this journey can't get any better, it does.  Michele Roberts taught locally her Florentine Fleur de Lys recently and I had the luxury of taking that class.  Sorry the picture is not better (camera found legs and fled that weekend).  Meet the sublime Michele R posing with her piece in front of a board with some of her wonderful instruction.

Michele is amazing.  She absolutely oozes knowledge and is a walking history lesson.  She is well traveled.  AND she is very generous with imparting her knowledge to her students.  Michele has to be one of the most accessible instructors I have had the privilege to study under.  If you ever have the chance, take a class from her no matter what the piece is.

Here's a link a doc with the picture of the project (page 3).  Below is Michele holding up her class piece for SAS 2012 in Tennessee.  This is really cool as she's added crystals to it and a whole day is spent on destroying the various kinds of metal threads before work begins.

Yes, I did write destroy.   If you are afraid of Gold Work then Michele will help you get over that.  One of the coolest thing she does in class is go through all the ways you can mess it up and encourages you to do so on a practice piece before taking the first stitch.  Her practical approach in teaching will make the most concerned pupil be at ease.

Ok, I'm done blabbing about how great it was now.  Here is how much of my piece is completed:

One of the joys of Gold Work is that it does tend to work up quickly.  The only problem is that life is hectic right now (thus the slow posts) so I've not had a lot of time to stitch (are there violins playing in the background?).  Good news is that we may be moving to a less demanding situation in the next two weeks (keep your fingers crossed!) and I'll be able to get back to my normal routines.

Nessie is begging for some attention and I've been good and worked on Sake Boxes so I have both to write and update you all.  I promise, SOON!

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