Jun 14, 2011

Nessie & Update

Things have been pretty crazy around here since Memorial Day and do not appear that they will settle down until August.  I'm sorry to not have been posting often and erratically at that… just the way things are , I'm afraid.

Anyway!  Nessie - have carved out a tiny bit of time and finished her brim.  Stopped by my local AWESOME NP store last weekend with Lily Niece to choose just the right colors to work her face.  Will update when I take those first stitches.  VERY excited about the cool warts that will be stitched in.

Next weekend is EGA Share A Stitch.  I saved my Lily Pennies (yes! pennies as I spent my nickels, dimes, and so on on the class below - but I digress) so that I can take Michele Robert's Gold-work Class.  Link to egatvr found here.  Sorry to say, I haven't yet completed my pre-work for the class but it will be done in time to start week from Friday.  See, it's on my stand….

Cocoa wonders when Momma will get around to doing the prework.
USA Memorial Day update: I did make the weekend class with Florida Sensai after lots of business trip complications due to all the bad storms the USA experienced the days leading up.  FABULOUS.  Just love the realistic long and short.  Can't give much details other than to say it is worked on silk fabric, using JE silk threads, and it was TOTALLY inspiring.

Hope all the Dads have a wonderful Father's Day on Sunday!

Christa, Lilystitch

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