Feb 8, 2011

In Celebration of Needles: Harikuyo - The Festival of Needles

February 8th marks the day of celebration of our wonderful needle.  To cyber-celebrate I am reposting a blessing written last year:

Bless these needles…

Thank you for the bounty they bring,
…the grace they spread,
... the joy they invoke,
... the loveliness they create,
... the beauty they convey,
... the memories they pass along
... and most importantly, for becoming an extension of my fingers to thread and cloth.

May they be blessed as well as everyone who employs a needle for the sake of NeedleArt.

To learn more of this wonderful ritual:

Debbie Bates has a great ceremony and makes a great cards 

Carol Anne's Invitation on Stitching Fingers

Susan Elliott's Blog on Harikuyo

Jane's Blog on Japanese Embroidery

Jane @ Chilly Hollow's Post

Christa, Lilystitch
www.lilystitch.blogspot.com and www.lilystitch.com

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