Jan 10, 2011

Needlepoint: Teinte... or should I call it the Frog??

verb: 1.  to take out stitches 2. rip it! rip it!
adjective: 1. description of taking out stitch

Teinte is being a real challenge.  Just about every time I think I have the right stitch, on the right slant... I decide it's wrong.

Below is a picture of where I was when I last wrote about Teinte:

The green "fingers" and yellow "wings" were in.  I had stitched but not written about the blue section.  At the time I had mixed feeling about it.  After giving it a little holiday and then returning to it, I decided it just had to come out.  Or, ahem, had to be 'frogged".  The reason it bothered me is that the three colors of blue was just too busy for the small space and didn't have enough "pop".  Here's a close up:

I decided to put in a black background behind the dark green and then basket weave in a medium to dark denim blue. Can't remember where but once upon a time an instructor said or author wrote that  basketweave will give your eyes a space to rest and help bring forward the other areas.  That's not exactly my intent for this crescent area but I think it will be visually effective.

To solve the problem of making the black work with the point, I have not curved the line of the black all the way to the green tip but rather worked a line across.  The blue will either have blackwork or over-stitching on top. To be continued.  Stay tuned, pictures are around the bend.

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