Dec 20, 2010

Needlepoint Work in Progress: Teinte

Another week and progress is slow... but there is progress.  When I last posted on this project, the picture below was where I was, just having added the yellow (don't they look like wings? ):
I forgot my camera manners and failed snap a proper picture of the green:
This is a better image of the green area and you can see where I'm adding in some blue:
I'm not sure I really like the stitch I used with the medium and darker blues so that may change in the next week.  The lighter blue stitch seems to do well.  The final plan for the design is slated to use the lightest blue in the very center of the piece (in these pictures it will be in the top left corner) - that will be the last area I stitch so stay tuned.

She certainly is getting very colorful.

This work has been named, I think... Tiente is French for color so I believe that will be her name.  Of course, you are only seeing a quarter of the design so you will have to trust me that she is has lots of "pop".

Also, I have added a scrolling picture roll on the LilyStitch blog page that shows the progression from most recent to oldest.  Enjoy!

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