Nov 9, 2010

Ring, Ring, Ring!

Momma: "Is EVERYTHING OK!!!???!!!???"

Lily: "Yes, why?"

Cocoa: "Grammy, Momma has been overdosing on cake, running in a road race, taught a class that I didn't get to attend, then cuddled with me early last night.  Normal cra-Zi-ness!"

Momma: "Oh, GOOD.  I was worried"

Lily and Cocoa together: "Why?"

Momma: "There wasn't a Monday update!"

Sorry everyone!  With the big 4-0 event of last week I failed to get my standard Monday post to you.  It wasn't because I wasn't thinking of you, actually it was kind of the opposite.  Birthdays are WONDERFUL because it is a great time set goals and prioritize everything.  Doing the LilyStitch Blog and Website/Business have been such a tremendously important part of my life over the last 18 or so months that I want to do more.  I won't bore you with the actual goal list but I will say for the most part: "Stay Tuned".  The new background is the first brick on the preverbal yellow brick road (Sorry, had to put a Wizard of Oz analogy in).  

There are two really BIG goals that I have set and want to work on this year:

  1. Work with a Charity to enhance the lives of others, hopefully with/through Needle Art
  2. Support charities by giving a donation to run a 5k.
On number two, I began by running a 5k through downtown Atlanta with a very dear SIL on Saturday.  This run benefited a really great non-profit that has a very special place in my heart, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  You see, it was this group that supported my nephew with his fight with cancer a good 10 years ago now.  He has blossomed following that fight and it was my honor to run the race in his honor!  Thank all of you who donated to this cause in honor of my 40th birthday! (That's A and Lily to the left of the white shirt)

Goal number one is going to take a bit more work but I'm sure to write about it as it takes shape...
Background update:

Stitching along - a couple of blocks in.  I will definitely share stitch diagrams as soon as my new software arrives that is more sophisticated for this type of work. 

PS from Cocoa:
Hey ya'll.  I can't believe Momma went off and ran without me on Saturday morning.  Auntie A tells me that there is a good chance that I might get to do the run in December with Cousin Rosie.  Wouldn't that be fun?  I'll make sure that Da gets a good picture of me prancing.

Anyway, now that I've calmed Grammy down and made sure Momma Lily made this post, I'm off to dream of other projects that use those tasty threads.  Hope you are as comfy as I am tonight:


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Needlepoint  , Needlepoint Canvas, Needlepoint Classes

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