Nov 15, 2010

Needlepoint & Beading: Fleur Finished

What a productive weekend we had at the LilyPad.  As you can see above, I finally got around to putting the finishing touches on the Fleur de Lis on silk gauze.  I had most of the blue beading done but just couldn't decide how I wanted to finish her.  In the end, I chose to really wonderful golden-pinkish-blueish beads to do the roping effect.  Then added a beaded rope that used blue and the smaller beads for a necklace.  When not in use, I will hang it from a door knob or hanger for a touch of decoration around the house.

Work on the background continues with another couple of squares completed.  I promise to share stitches as soon as the software upgrade arrives for my software (may need to explore another provider).

Here's to the best week you've ever had!

Christa, Lilystitch and

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