Sep 20, 2010

Lily Compass I: Embroidery, The Center

Lay in first layer of padding using two strands of padding cotton doubled in your needle. Notice that I am leaving some room for the second and third layers of padding to be stitched in the middle of the circle:

Second layer of padding:

Use 1 flat of yellow silk for third layer of padding:

Top layer is #1 Lt Metallic Rainbow Gold, Red, and Purple.  Half hitch the #1 mettalic in the needle outside the circle:

Bit of preplanning -- I twisted a 2:1 silk using some leftover silk and couched it around the outer circle.  This will be removed later but it's there for spacing as well as a visual of a proper circle.

Using #1 Metallic Gold, work Lattice Stitch Holding over the top

"Don't hate me because I'm ugly!"  :) Just kidding.  Black will come off but for now, this is how LilyCompassI looks:

Coming Up:
Friday: Lily Compass I Embroidery, Center Small Points
Following Monday: Lily Compass I Embroidery, Center Crescents
Following Friday: Lily Compass I Embroidery, Gold-work on Outer Points

Christa, Lilystitch and


  1. I love padding, it really adds something to the design and, for me, circles gain more from padding than any other shape.

    It's really coming along now.

  2. It's going to be wonderfull... and it's really interesting!

  3. Ohh, sparkly. Love the padded centre.


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