Aug 31, 2010


Right now the transition of the LilyPad is in a bit of a limbo situation.  Won't bore you with the details (really, it's too painful to write about).

As you can see by the boxes above the Japanese Embroidery supplies are nicely packed and neatly organized.  I'm thanking my lucky stars that I took the time to do so because last weekend I found that I needed some SRR (stitching rest and relaxation) and pulled out LilyCompassI.

If you ever find the need to move your things I highly recommend these types of boxes.  They are double sided, strong, and MOST importantly easy to remove the lid and rummage around inside.  For some reason, supplies et al for Compass was spread between four of these boxes.

No matter what goes on with the move (well, unless there is a fire or something), we are set to resume posting the week of Labor Day on LilyCompassI.  Later this week I will re-run the old tutorials on embroidery to bring everyone back up to speed.   Until then, here is a sneak preview for those who faithfully read to the end of this post:

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  1. Looks like quite a bit of progress has been made since the last post. I shall look forward to seeing in detail what you have done.

    Hope the move gets going again soon and completes without further hitches.


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