Aug 22, 2010

Hi!  Cocoa here.  Mom is busy right now so I thought I'd update our good friends in LilyLand.  

Have to say she is acting really strange these days.  All Momma does is move from room to room, putting all of our things in boxes.  I'm pretty sure I even saw my favorite bone go in just yesterday.  This is really crazy so I'm going to hide as long as possible.  Well, at least until it's time to go for a run... or the ice machine announces time to chew on some ice... OR! Yes! YES! It's time for dinner.  YUM!

There she goes again.  Another box...  I'm not quiet sure what is going on but I'm sure going to be glad when it is done.  Something about an ad-VEN-ture.  Hmmm.

Anyway.  Momma seems to have forgotten to write to you lately so I thought I would pick up her slack.  Two updates for you.  First on Garden.  Momma has been steeling away 10 - 30 minutes most nights after our restorative run to work on Garden.  Here's some pictures I snuck while she has been out of the room:

Lastly, I caught her doing a little work this morning on Glove.  Something about needing to finish up the twisted gold couching so that she can remove the Koma to p-a-c-k.  Whut-evah!

Bones and Treats to you!

Christa Lilystitch and

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