Jun 12, 2010

LilyCompass I: Secondary Points

The design divides each of the points in two with central line through the center.  I've chosen the left sides of the points to be the "shadow side".  For the secondary or smaller points, I've chosen to work a foundation of Vertical layer in a twisted thread.  The gold is Midori #111 soft twist 4:1 (four into one) with #1 gold.

Making the twisted thread.  Divide into 3 flat and 1 flat plus #1 Gold.  Complete one undertwist twist on the 1 silk, then add in the #1 gold and twist as normal.  Under twist the 3 flat as normal.  Combine. Overtwist as normal.  Remember - this twist is a Soft twist.  The reason I've chosen a soft twist is so that the gold is spread out a bit, creating a subtle background.  To keep the twisted thread together until the very last stitch, I recommend putting a dab of the Yomato Rice glue on the end.

When stitching a foundation layer I recommend packing the stitches so that the over stitching will not create gaps in the foundation.  In LilyCompass I the direction of the foundation is determined by the spiral of the design.

Take the foundation stitches right to the lines of the design.  This will leave enough room for couching either a pair of gold threads or kataroyi in the outline.

At this point, I'm not sure how these wedges will be finished.  The other wedges need be put in to determine what is needed for these "shadow"s.  For now, hold down the foundation with temporary stitch holding in the same color.  This will give stability to the foundation and be a great prep if we choose to work it in Super imposed Embroidery or even Goldwork.  Not much effort will have gone into the holding stitches if we choose to leave simply do a diagonal holding stitch.

For the holding stitch create a 1:2 twist in the #111 (same color as foundation).  Lay the threads at 1 cm intervals.  The put in the small holding stitches every three foundation threads on first row.  On row # 2 put the first holding stitch at the second foundation thread and repeat every three.  On row # 3 begin with the third foundation thread and repeat every three.  Fourth row repeats the first row, etc.

Design note:  The larger, primary points of the design will be done in Goldwork -- not sure which technique yet but I hope the design will lead me in the right direction.

Next up:
Friday: Amethyst Novel Affect
Monday: Ruby Novel Affect

Sneak Peak for Friday: (We're liven'n up the piece with color)

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