May 28, 2010

Lily Compass I: Silk Screen - Why?

Question:  Why silk screen if you are an embroiderer, cross stitcher or needlepointer? 

Answer:  It gives you the freedom to create YOUR own unique designs.

Question:  I don't care about coming up with my own designs.  I'd rather buy the design.

Answer:  GREAT!  Well, I should say good.  My mom (Moma Jo-Jo), loves to be inspired by someone else's design.  If you are like her then you should continue doing just that.  I'd like to also add that I LOVE to look at what others are doing and have been investing in my retirement stash for a long time.

Question:  OOooookkkaayy, then why read on?

Answer:  The other side of Moma Jo-Jo is that she also has the desire to do her own designs.  If she had the option to do this simple, pretty inexpensive technique then she could do her own designs when inspiration strikes.  Also, it gives the rest of us the option to create our own design.

Question:  What do you advocate for those who want to order a kit or design?  And for those who want to do their own?

Answer:  Simply...
Do what you enjoy.

{Perhaps, I'll chart that.  Hmmm....  Would make a gorgeous entryway rug.  But I digress.}

I believe that there are schools of thought, of wisdom, common practices, best practices, methodologies, and so on.  The reason I love to study Japanese Embroidery is that there is a huge tradition and hundreds of years of experience encasing JE techniques.  We honor our ancestry by practicing needlearts and respect their experience but that doesn't mean we should create what doesn't excite us. Fiberart is a living and breathing medium that can molded into your vision - unique or otherwise.

The Lily Compass I Tutorial is going to be broken into two parts - Silk Screening and Embroidery.  If you're not interested in doing silk screening then skip it and come back for the embroidery.  I do think you may enjoy exploring another technique, though.

With the Silk Screening,  I will share with you my experience of screening onto fabric, even weave, and mono needlepoint canvas.  I've come up with low cost options and will share lots of pictures.

I'm just beginning and the road is already going down different paths than I had originally intended.  One of the "diversions" is that I've chosen to screenprint onto three different ground fabrics as I thought it might be interesting to find out the quality of the printing and how they look when stitched.  Also, I'll keep a picture role on the right hand side of this blog for you to explore.  Because these posts are being written in advance of the publishing of articles you will have the opportunity to get a preview of pictures before they are included in the posts.

Here's a preview of a break out of all three screens on the various ground fabrics:

28 ct Monaco:

18 count Mono:

Silk Fabric (Dyed):

Happy Memorial Day!

Christa Lilystitch and

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