May 27, 2010

Audrey and Memorial Day

I'm on my way out the door tomorrow to spend Memorial Day weekend with my JE girl friends.  Before I go, I thought I would share a bit with you about one of my Sensai's, Audrey Francini.

A true living treasure of the needlework community, Audrey is an incredibly talented teacher who began her work in crewels with wools.  Over the years she moved into silk and studied with the Tamura's of the Japanese Embroidery Center in Atlanta.  During her journey she has influenced and instructed  many influential designers and teachers of today's needle art and embroidery community.

In 1989, the Needle Academy of Needlearts bestowed a lifetime achievement award.  Here is the link to here page which I encourage a little bit of time reading as well as exploring the three pictures on her work.  I have the great pleasure to take instruction on Bouquet for EGA (third picture) this weekend.

I first experienced Audrey's work in 2005 when EGA held a one women show in her honor.  EGA put out a booklet of her work which is still sale on their site.  This is my "go-to" book and definitely guide on how to execute realistic/long & short/needlepainting for birds.  It's not a how-to book but rather contains very sharp and clear pictures.  For Uguisu (Warbler), I drew upon Audrey's instruction and this booklet. The cover picture (inserted above) is from one panel of her three panel composition, "Birds of the World".

The next two posts on Lily Compass I are scheduled to automatically post tomorrow, Friday, and on Monday so please come by to check out the Silk Screening tutorial.  Those following me on Facebook and Twitter are probably aware that I've pulled threads and expect work on the embroidery next week.  There is a new picture roll on LilyStitch's right hand column that is scheduled to go up this evening so please enjoy.

I'd like to thank all of the service men and women in my life for their dedication and hard work.  The United States of America is truly blessed because of you.  You will be in thoughts this weekend.

Christa Lilystitch and

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