Apr 11, 2010

Uguisu Update

I'm very excited to announce that I've finished working all the Ume blossom long and short stitching.  Up next on the Ume are the stamens plus a few petals that are floating in the breeze.  In my part of the world (Birmingham, AL, USA) all of the cherry and plum blossoms finished blooming about a week ago but the memory of the how this spring felt is still fresh.

I've begun working in the the tree branch and trunk.  This is a ton of fun as I'm playing with lots of shading using a two into one soft twist .  Branch is finished, trunk to come next. Here is a before and after on the pictures.

Branch under construction
Branch completed - picture is small so double click so you can see a larger version.
Did you notice Mr Hugo (Ume) has legs now?  I've yet to decide if I want to work in some toes but we'll see.  
Toes or No?
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  1. Toes. Definitely. I love the delicacy of bird feet!

  2. I think toes too. This is lovely Christa. I can't believe you took such a simple design from our challenge and turned it into such a remarkable piece. Wonderful.


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