Jan 7, 2010

Let's get started!

Where to begin?  My Japanese Embroidery Sensai has a saying: "Top to bottom, right to left".  This is the order in which one should always stitch the design as well the general the stitching direction.

So, for URU (Uguisu reflects on Ume) that means I will begin on the fan although its not in the top of the frame, its definitely on the right.  Is this a hard-fast rule?  Should be.... but I will be honest and say there are just times when its better to bend it (smart stitching decisions, personal inclinations, moods, PMS, etc).  Here is a picture of the piece just as I was beginning to stitch.

Another rule of thumb is one should begin with all foundations and silk work (flat or twisted), then onto Novel effects, and finishing with gold work. My work flow will be fan, cord, then branch.  Let's see if I can hold to it :) .

Step one on the fan I decided to be the Plum blossoms.  Oh what fun!  Tomorrow -- my choice of stitching technique for the fan blossoms and re-exploration of padding.  Here's a sneak preview:

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