Jul 20, 2013

Tekabarune: Waves

After finishing the top of the bow, I quickly realized that I need to do the waves and "bubbles" that sit on top of the the bottom of the bow or sides of the boat. 

Per the box chart, I'm using #5 Gold. The box chart also calls for # 5 Silver.  I've decided to stay away from the silver because I'm finding that it REALLY pops on the black and gold speckled ground fabric.  It's interesting that all the pictures I have found of this design is on light fabric (white, light gold, and light blue) - so these really fun thread choices are challenging. 

Above is a close up of waves and bubbles. The waves are two strands #5 gold couched. The bubbles are single strand #5 To and Fro. 

Below is how the design looks right now. The drum is seriously incomplete on purpose... I haven't decided what the metallic for the To and Fro on the body will be. The JEC "honey gold" just fades into the background. The white is Couching thread.  The one brown vein is where I covered the Couching thread with brown silk. 

The other two other areas that I have to work before I can do the body is the shield and handle on the drum. Back to stitching!

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