Oct 29, 2012

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves is the piece I chose to do for the Fuzzy Effect phase of the 10 Phase Japanese Embroidery ciriculum.  This technique is not my favorite but is highly prized amongst the Japanese culture.  

Autumn Leaves is worked on black so many of my pictures are not the sharpest and whitened out. I found in working this piece that black observed color and turned them to shades of white.  That middle leaf is a great example.  

Because that leaf turned so white, I decided to pull it out and rework it.  Below is probably the best picture I was able to take show the real beauty of the twisted silk on the black crepe. 

So all is finished except the central veins.  The lines you see are just a running stitch to indicate where the veins should go.  

Hopefully I will finish the veins up pretty quickly then onto pasting and framing.  Oh what a happy day that will be!



  1. I didn't mind the pale leaves but I like the replacements more. The whole piece is looking very good!

  2. It certainly looks like a challenging project, but it is going very well.

  3. Beautiful Christa, as always.

  4. Thank you, Thank you. I am going to be so excited to finish it! Perhaps I'll work on those veins tonight.


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